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All content is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This allows, for short: Any usage, copying, alteration, derivative works, anything, wothout fee, as long as the origin is named. The Rorkvell logo is an exception to that, to some extend, as well as photos showing people.

It is explicitely allowed to place surface links as well as deep links to Rorkvell, at any time and without further approval or affirmation. It is explicitely not necessary to always use the statr page. It is allowed to directly link to non-html resources as well.

It is not allowed to use frames or similar technics to let my content look like content of someone else.


For the Rorkvell logo these usages are reserved:

  1. Internet

    For intenet the logo is reserved for Rorkvell, myself and any of my domains. It may be used as long as this usage is somehow related to Rorkvell, myself or any of my domains. Relation may f.ex. be linking to, citing or referencing.
  2. Fantasy Role Playing Game

    For Fantasy Roleplaying Games the logo is reserved for my characters.
  3. Business

    For business this logo is reserved for my web design business.

Photos showing people

For using photos showing people the permission of these people is required.