enter Rorkvell?

The small village near the end of the world

Rorkvell: A small mining village. Far off from any trouble of the world. Here you can sit back and watch the madness of the world.

For details about this site please visit the Info page. This site is made of several very different parts. The most active part is my Blog (only in german). If anyone wants to know more about me, please visit the about me page.

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Credits: Some ideas and the ringbook pic are from the Supercroc site.

Credits: The background image is from wallpapers-n-etc.com.

Credits: Background image from Roxys (modified). Other grafics from the Firefox theme Glowygreen. Rem.: Style currently in development.

THE DARK EYE, AVENTURIA, Rohal the wise, the Rorwhed and Rorkvell are terms of the RPG TDE

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