The mining village in the Rorwhed mountains.


Initially this site was about experimenting with VRML. For doing so i chose a small village from a german fantasy role playing system: Rorkvell. During time this lost importance in favour to themes around web design.

This site splits up into several sections:

  1. Rorkvell

    The village in the Rorwhed mountains. Maps, scetches, models, stories, ...
  2. Role playing game/DSA

    Some rules extensions to DSA as well as background information to Dere, Aventuria and aventurian history.
  3. News/Blog

    Anything around this site or whatever bothers me.
  4. Technik

    The technical background of this site. Articles about web design, web technics and anything that is about web desing, web technics, accessibility and the like.